Jeff Brammer

Jeff is a thirty six year veteran in the seafood industry within all disciplines including operations, sales and marketing, quality assurance, and procurement. A graduate of University of Tampa with BS in Marine Biology, Biology and Chemistry, Jeff is an experienced global traveler spending much time in Asia and South America. Previous employment includes NSF International, USDC/NOAA and 16 years of self-employment in seafood trading. Jeff lives in New Hampshire and has been married 33 years and has six children.

Brittani Mack
Site Manager

Brittani has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Eastern Michigan University. When she is not working you will probably find her paddling the local waters in search of rockfish, halibut or salmon. She enjoys art, kayaking, fishing, travel, science nature, animals and sunshine.

Phong Tran
Microbiologist/ Chemist

Phong came to Alaska from Wichita, Kansas and has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with Ecological, Environmental and Organismal concentration. He likes K-Pop, traveling, fishing and memes. Phong has a passion for photography (Wildlife and Macro) and photo editing.

Eileen Ceralde
Seafood Inspector

Eileen is a 16 year resident of Unalaska with experience in multiples species of seafood and a background in Safety, Health, HAZMAT, EMT. Eileen loves plants and has been our inspiration for keeping the office alive and colorful with a great variety. She loves to cook and is family oriented with her husband of 10 years, daughter Maxine, age 10 and son Darren, age 2.